About Last Night…

Wolf King Texas Board2.jpg

Tom Brokaw said “ass,” Wonkette doesn’t like MSNBC’s panel, Tim Russert picks his nose, Fox was the first to call Ohio for Hillary, TVNewser regrets to inform Chuck Todd that his “screenwriter pales in comparison to the Billboard and Magic Wall,” Karl Rove makes a funny (“Can we call this the strategery room?“), Paul Begala raises our favorite topic (“If Dana’s report is right…and she couldn’t be wrong, because we’re one of the best political teams around, I guess.“), Brit Hume told Bill Hemmer “You and that map is just irresistible,” Fox News people talk much slower than MSNBC people, Wolf Blitzer said that you, too, could be just like John King (“And I want to just alert our viewers, as well, as they’re home, and they want to be John King. You know what, you can be John king. And this is what you can do. Go to CNNPolitics.com. And you can look at all of these states county by county, make all of these projections. CNNPolitics.com; good place to get some additional information. And you too can pretend you know what you’re doing, just like John King. He actually does know what he’s doing. But go ahead and go to CNNpolitics.com), there were lots of bells and whistles and Chris Matthews couldn’t make up his mind about coffee,

But did anyone have the competitive edge?

Oh, and think you have a busy morning? Take a look at HRC’s:

    7:00 a.m. EST
    Hillary Clinton Appears on Morning Shows
    –NBC’s Today Show
    –ABC’s Good Morning America
    –CBS’s Early Show
    –CNN’s American Morning
    –FOX’s Fox and Friends
    –MSNBC’s Morning Joe

Anyone have some fun quotes from last night’s washingtonpost.com/Newsweek webcast? In case you were wondering, Ed O’Keefe’s tie was a gift from his mom and dad.