About Last Night

So Fox called Pennsylvania for Hillary first at 8:45, reports TVNewser. Question: Fox seems to be calling it first a lot recently (and congrats to them for that). Are they just that much better? Or might we wonder if one day their radid-fire “calling it” could backfire?

The others:

8:50 MSNBC
9:04 CNN

What else you missed from last night, courtesy of our live-blogging brother:

Brit Hume telling Karl Rove to “get Ed Rendell on the phone.” Tom Brokaw stealing the thunder of his colleagues by making the call, Brit Hume commenting on Megyn Kelly’s upcoming appearance (“We don’t want to miss that, I know I don’t”), Olbermann to Matthews, “You mentioned Alan Keyes (former MSNBC show host) and 44 guys in our control room pitched right forward over the desk” and Campbell Brown admitting what we all know about CNN’s dugout of “experts” (“”let me go over here, there are too many people talking here!”).