Abigail Gibbs: Digital Writer Spotlight

15-year-old author Abigail Gibbs has earned 6.5 million reads on a popular online writing site, connecting with thousands of new fans. Follow this link to read more of her work at Wattpad.
Wattpad Inc. CEO praised her work: “Abigail has been an amazing writer to have onboard Wattpad. She is as dedicated to her fans as she is to her writing and her work continues to grow in popularity. Someone comments on a Wattpad story every seven seconds and Abigail’s message board is filled with 36,000 comments by readers with requests for more chapters and asking where they can buy her book.”
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Here’s a brief excerpt from Gibbs’ story, “Dinner with a Vampire, Did I Mention I’m Vegetarian.”

I sat there for a few more minutes, drawing my knees up to my chest in a bid to keep warm. The eerie silence crept on as I gently rested my head on my knees, lazily watching the orange haze hanging low above the city of London: my hometown.
"What a pathetic excuse for July this was," I thought, goosebumps forming from the biting chill. "It should be frickin’ warm!"
All of a sudden, something flickered in the corner of my eye and jerking up, I scanned the square for any sign of movement.
I shook my head. Probably just a bird or something.
But no… something had definitely moved then.
A shadow passed across one of the huge fountains, almost too quick for my eye to see. Yet there was nothing there…?