ABC’s Tapper Bites Back After Donut Bias Accusation

ABC News White House Correspondent Jake Tapper is taking a lot of heat today for a seemingly innocuous tweet about a female supporter wanting to buy President Obama a doughnut. Sure, Michelle might mind. But it’s Tapper’s followers who appear to be twisting themselves into a sugared frenzy and crying that the TV journo must somehow be biased.

Here’s how the doughnut ordeal began. Tapper posted a picture of Joy Jacques, Jim Stinziani and Jill Serres in Cannon Falls, Minn. (see photograph below). Tapper reported that Serres said she wants to buy POTUS a doughnut.

Soon some of Tapper’s followers inexplicably began charging bias.

Jazz promoter and concert producer “waltb31” wrote: “@jaketapper Reporting that a woman wants to buy the President a donut? Right. Anything to perceive the President as ‘less presidential.'” Tapper replied, “I have no idea what you’re talking about. The woman is a music teacher + Obama supporter and said she wanted to buy him a donut. If you see bias in an innocent tweet about a supporter + a donut, there’s little that I can do to help.”

But Carole Troll, a self-proclaimed jazz musician and actress who goes by the handle, “Thejazzhick,” jumped on the bandwagon with a different take on the doughnut debacle and accused Tapper of being biased for Obama. “Here’s the thing, nobody is asking @jaketapper to kiss pres’s butt. And if he thinks I am only 1 seeing bias- wrong!”

Tapper replied to Troll, “You strike me as someone who sees bias in a cloud formation.”

Uh oh. Watch out.

Troll then fired off this message: “He probably blocked me after he threw that jab at me re: bias in clouds. He has a platform that I don’t! Grow up, dude!” Tapper replied, “I didn’t block you. but I really cant spend my time defending items from your incorrect inferences. wasn’t being sarcastic.”

But Troll wasn’t finished with Tapper.

She wrote the following:

  • “Fair enough. I drew an inference based on your own reporting, Mr. Tapper. If I was alone in that, it wld be 1 thing. I’m not.”
  • “And before you critique my ‘cloud’ biases, you should see what I’m about. I get that chance w/you regularly. Not the other way.”
  • “Finally, Mr. Tapper. My time is just as valuable as yours though I don’t have the platform you have. My perspective as [sic] real.”



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