ABC News SVP Slams Times‘ Stanley: A ‘Gratuitous and Unfounded Swipe’

williams_gibson.jpgAlessandra Stanley sneaks in a few zingers on Charles Gibson at the end her Times piece today on Brian Williams‘ Iraq tour:

Mr. Gibson hasn’t exactly overexerted himself in his new job. He covered the State of the Union address from his desk in New York, and also stayed put when tornadoes devastated Florida in early February. This week, while Mr. Williams is in Iraq, Mr. Gibson is on vacation. … It doesn’t seem to matter. Viewers apparently trust his seniority, rumpled air of competence and low-key style; they are content to have him read the news, not live it.

Which prompted Jeffrey W. Schneider, SVP, ABC News, to drop FishbowlNY this note:

There are glaring errors in Alessandra Stanley’s column today. For the record, Charlie Gibson was in Washington, DC for the State of the Union (not at his desk in New York as Stanley wrote). He anchored both “World News” and ABC’s primetime coverage of the President’s speech from Capitol Hill. Following the speech, he interviewed Senators Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John McCain. Stanley also falsely asserts that since Gibson took over as anchor in late May, he anchors solely from New York City. That is demonstrably untrue. Gibson has reported from: The Middle East to cover the escalating violence between Israel and Hezbollah, including from Jerusalem, the Israeli-Lebanese border and Larnaca, Cyprus (July 16-19); from New Orleans for the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina (August 28 &29); from Nickel Mines, PA to cover the Amish school shooting (October 3); from Amman, Jordan for Bush-Maliki summit (November 29 & 30); from Washington, DC, when the 110th Congress convened (January 4); and from Philadelphia (October 5), Boston (October 24), Dallas (November 13), Houston (November 14), Atlanta (November 15&16), Detroit (January 29 & 30), and Chicago (February 12 & 13); Finally, Stanley take a gratuitous and unfounded swipe at Gibson stating that he is on vacation while Williams reports from the Iraq. For the record, this is Gibson’s first vacation in ten months.

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