A window closeth

While Hollywood frets about what to do about the theatrical-to-DVD release window, the DVD-to-VOD window just came closer to being slammed shut. The WSJ reports that MovieBeam, which was recently split off from Disney, will start offering video-on-demand movies on the same day as the DVD release in 29 cities:

MovieBeam plans to transmit 10 new movies a week to an antenna in a customer’s home over broadcast signals leased from the Public Broadcasting Service’s digital-content delivery unit, National Datacast Inc. MovieBeam’s set-top box will store 100 movies at a time that, once selected, can be viewed over a 24-hour period with the same playback functions as a DVD.

The catch: viewers will need a $200 set-top box to use the service, and new movies will then cost $3.99. Kind of a big premium for being too lazy to sign up for Netflix or go to the neighborhood rental store.

Of course, nobody has gone broke overestimating the laziness of the American public.