A Very Interesting Evening By Crispin Hellion Glover


Al Gore’s not the only slideshow in town, oh no. Crispin Glover–who you will definitely remember as George McFly, possibly remember for nearly high-kicking Letterman in the face, and probably nothing else–has been quietly making the speaking rounds with one of the most highly entertaining and visually-engaging presentations we’ve ever seen.

For over a decade, Glover’s been creating a series of hardbound books using pen and ink and a pastiche of Victorian-era text and images, collaging the two into a new narrative. In Glover’s Big Slide Show, he simply reads from the pages of the books as they are projected behind him, in character, which is essentially George McFly. At times we were laughing to tears at the perfect cadence of his nonsense; at times the quiet juxtaposition of archaic language and eerie images was almost…touching.

Following the slideshow, we were subjected to the feature presentation, a film entitled What Is It? where Glover attempts to make some kind of statement about commercial film practices by shocking audiences to the point of being uncomfortable (most of the actors have Down syndrome; it’s filled with racist and Nazi imagery). The film itself was alternatively very funny, very abstract and very boring, but we honestly found ourselves to be more uncomfortable during parts of Borat, which was actually entertaining at the same time. Although Glover did work in a “McFly” reference, and that made it all worth it.