A Unique Job Posting: ‘A Resume Is Nice, But…’

Here’s an interesting job posting: for a “Challenge Evangelist” to work for ChallengeDating, a social network “who want an adventurous way to meet new people to date.”

The job responsibilities don’t sound that out of the ordinary for 2010: a video blogger and social networker who will be able to promote ChallengeDating to the rest of the world. The posting, though, is refreshingly straightforward.

Shel Israel, the consultant who posted the job, writes:

ChallengeDating is a pre-venture startup. By definition, it offers the significant promises and risks the entrepreneurs love and others do not. The job would start as a consulting position could grow into a fulltime position.

We also have a preference for someone familiar with the Bay Area social media and singles scenes. While the offices are still virtual, it is where the rest of us are located and where we will focus in our early development phases.

If you are interested, please email me. A resume is nice, but I’ll be looking at your style and creativity in your cover letter to an equal degree.

There now. Isn’t that nice?