A Tough Act To Follow

If it’s a new year, then it’s never too early to start gossiping about Prom (a.k.a. the White House Correspondents Association dinner). Karen Feld says the WHCA is having some trouble tracking down a headliner:

“No kidding: Who can follow Laura?… It’s a question being asked almost as much as who will host this year’s Oscars. The president’s popularity in the entertainment industry hasn’t made a comeback, and first choice comedian Jerry Seinfeld turned the gig down. Insiders tell me he’s just not a Bush fan and didn’t want to sit on the dais with the president and roast him in front of the press corps. David Letterman and ‘The Daily Show’s’ Jon Stewart have also sent regrets this year. Jay Leno would be pleased to do it for a third time if asked, but the WHCA hasn’t decided whether to go that route again. Whoever accepts the disputable honor may have to follow first lady Laura Bush, a tougher act than her husband. Regardless of the entertainment, the dinner at the Washington Hilton where pressies compete for top sources and celebrities as guests is still the hottest ticket in town – sort of the Super Bowl of schmoozing.”

Any guesses on who it’ll be? There’s always Ali G. No doubt he’d go over well with the conservative crowd.