A Third Of Workers Are Burned Out

A shocking 36% of American workers are experiencing “chronic work stress,” according to an annual survey by the American Psychological Association. And 31 percent of workers say they’re going to try to find a new job within the year.

CNNMoney reports the survey found that long hours, low pay, and lack of opportunities for advancement were causing the stress, which can put people at risk for developing diseases like heart disease and diabetes.

But other than storming into the boss’s office, middle finger raised, how can you get out of a situation like this?

If too much work is the problem, cut down on your workload, for one thing, career expert Roberta Chinsky Matuson told CNNMoney. “”Most times, if something is 80% done, it’s ready to go. The extra 20% really won’t make much of a difference.”

Conversely, if you want a promotion, ask for extra work.

Actually, the key here is asking. Ask for a patient ear from a friend, for help from a coworker, or for advice from your boss. (“It’s one thing to do the work of two people while a position is being re-staffed. It’s another to continue to take on two jobs for the rest of your working life,” Chinsky Matuson said. “Let your boss know that you are drowning and ask for a life preserver to keep you afloat.”)