A Taste of Money Honey


CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo is profiled in the latest issue of Bee Woman — a magazine “For the Woman Who is Interested in Politics, Lifestyle & Finance.” And, really, who better to profile Wall Street’s original “Money Honey” than a magazine with that name?

A taste:

  • She became the first woman to report from the floor of the Stock Exchange because then-NYSE chairman Dick Grasso wanted to demystify business.
  • Among the things she can’t live without: her BlackBerry; her family; protein shakes; a hairdresser named Serge; and water.
  • Role models? Her mom and Jack Welch, of course.
  • Joey Ramone wrote a song about her called, naturally, “Maria Bartiromo.”
  • “After five years at CNN, I had a knock-out Rolodex, which is really my claim to fame.” The throngs of ogling day traders may differ on that one, however.