A Tale Of Two Virtual Job Fairs (Next Week!)

ERE.net reports that next week two “virtual job fairs” will bring thousands of jobseekers from at least eight cities to electronically network and meet with recruiters.

The first event is the American Jobs Conference, organized by TweetMyJobs. It will take place entirely on Twitter, with the hashtag #jobs4us. Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty will keynote the conference, and there will be question and answer sessions, panels, and advice from 9am PDT Tuesday to 3:15.

The second event takes place a day later, on July 20. Tribune Digital is offering a virtual job fair for 50 employers that would have placed ads in one of eight of Tribune Co.’s newspapers, in Los Angeles, Chicago, Baltimore, Hartford, Orlando, South Florida, Central Pennsylvania and Newport News, Va. Interested jobseekers should register through one of the websites listed in this press release depending on which city you’re nearest to. This is a true “virtual” fair in the sense that participants “travel” from booth to booth, network in the “lobby,” and participate in video interviews if the recruiter likes the cut of their jib.

We’ve been down on virtual career fairs in the past, but other people have really liked them, and virtual fairs have at least one big advantage: they’re cheap.

For recruiters, that means that multiple recruiters can take turns staffing a booth (without having to pay to fly all of them to the event). For jobseekers, no travel means you don’t have to take a day off work. ERE.net even says that the event will be accessible from smartphones.

This event takes place from 11am to 5PM CST the 20th. We’ll try to sneak in and report back.