A Second Opinion: Creative Group Survey Shows ‘Steady’ Hiring For Q4

It may seem rough out there, but at least one metric has your back: The Creative Group Hiring Index for Marketing and Advertising Professionals.

This quarterly survey asked 500 marketing and advertising execs whether they planned on hiring: ten percent, or 50, said that yes, they were adding headcount in the fourth quarter of 2010, while seven percent said they were going to reduce headcount. That’s a net gain of three percent: not much, but not terrible, either.

The most in-demand specialties: Public relations, with 12 percent of hiring managers seeking these skills, then Marketing research, 12 percent; and social media and account services, 11 percent each. Least in demand were copywriters, with just five percent of hiring managers interested in these.

Those surveyed also indicated that it’s gotten a bit harder to find qualified candidates, though whether that’s because all the good workers have been snapped up or because they’ve left the industry remains to be seen.