A Seasonal Blend of Everything


If the last two helpful posts have been mildly worthwhile, here’s the cream of the crop: ColorBlender. A simple little tool, but terrifically valuable, if not a bit fun to play with (as long as you don’t mind getting caught with it at your desk, proving to the person that stumbled upon you that, yes, you are in fact the biggest dork ever and yep, a rumor will start circulating that you sleep with a photo of Bruce Chizen). But none of that is neither here nor there, because our focus is on how great this little tool is. Need to find out what’ll work best with B821E3? Just plug it in, and there you go. You can even export your finds into Photoshop and Illustrator. Or e-mail it to someone you love. And then have the ColorBlender suggest a Pantone match for you. It’s like having a friend who is part hummingbird, but instead of seeing just strong varriations of the color red, they can figure them all out (and not eat so much sugar water in the process). Enjoy.