A Royal Pain in the Ass

We’re hearing that the White House Correspondents’ Association has gotten numerous requests to change the Correspondents’ Dinner because it’s set for the day after the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Stay tuned…

Update #1: From Washington Examiner‘s White House correspondent and WHCA board member Julie Mason:

“There was some consternation because Wills had the shocking bad taste to schedule his wedding the day before our dinner (I thought he was a guest of Fox News this year, apparently not). With so many people broadcasting from London, it was going to be a big panic for them to get back here for the dinner on Saturday. We were also worried that Obama might go to the wedding — although honestly, it doesn’t seem like his thing.

But the appalling logistics of trying to move this massive event — we have contracts! Flowers have been ordered! Arianna needs her tables! — defeated even the mighty brainpower of the WHCA board. There’s just no way — it’s game on for April 30.”

Clarification: The WHCA dinner is a day after the wedding. The above information has been changed to reflect the fact that the dinner and wedding are on consecutive nights.