A Reporter Goes in Search of Trump’s Million Dollar Donation to Vets

David Fahrenthold looks for answers.

Admittedly, Jan. 28 feels like decades ago if we’re counting by 2016 election years, but you might recall Donald Trump declining to participate in a Fox News debate rematch with moderator Megyn Kelly.

Trump made a big ado of the alternate programming he was providing that night—a rally intended to raise money for veterans.

The fundraiser raised millions, but just how many millions were raised, and disbursed, and by whom and to whom, was a giant narrative knot reporters were trying to untangle months later.

The weekend attempts at detangling of course drew a rebuke from Trump on Monday. Blah blah blah negative press who will twist everything, complained Trump as he continued to inhabit a world in which he expected his unsubstantiated statements, which he refused to corroborate, to be believed, just because.

One of the unaccounted for pieces of the donation puzzle was a donation of $1 million that reportedly came from Trump himself.

Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold decided to, you know, report, and figure out what happened to the money.

He took his search to Twitter yesterday, when he began contacting veterans and veterans groups to see if anyone had received some of that Trump million.

His tweets linked back to a tweet Trump had made about his $1 million dollar donation.

Fahrenthold also laid out what he knew at that point:

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