A Relieved Jonah Goldberg: ‘I am not bald’

The Chicago Tribune published an open letter to National Review Online‘s Editor-at-Large Jonah Goldberg last week.

The writer, David A. Ryan, thanked Goldberg for “ably representing the right,” but disagreed with him on the topic of the nature of political discourse, arguing that everyone should be more civil to those they disagree with.

The best part of the letter, though, was its last line. In an effort to be more civil, Ryan wrote, “You look like you have a great head of hair, Mr. Goldberg.”

Goldberg hadn’t seen the letter, but responded as follows:

“While his comment about my hair is as irrefutable as it is generous, I think he’s on shakier ground in every other respect.  But rather than rehash at this point familiar arguments, I think we should simply relish this non-partisan and sincere appreciation of the fact that contrary to all expectations, I am not bald.”