A Referral Is Up To 8x Better Than A Job Board

If you want a job, get a contact on the inside.

This shouldn’t be news, but we have to keep throwing it out there.

We spoke to Shanil Kaderali, manager of talent programs at WellPoint and HR/recruiting thought leader to get more details. First, here’s what he said on StartWire (our emphasis):

On average, one of out every 33 candidates is going to get hired from an online source — such as a job board or a career site. If you are referred, your odds go up to one in four. Those are better odds.

And here’s what he said to us:

The stats I have are for experience internally with large companies.There is of course, a variance depending on the roles – this should have been clarified in that interview — so, for a position in customer service, there’ll be more applications than say in IT or specific management roles but the trend shows the odds are still better if you’re referred with any of the roles.

He went on to say that the one in four statistic is on the optimistic end of the spectrum, but his data show that in other industries or situations, an applicant with a referral might have a one in ten shot at being hired. That’s still better than the job board approach.

Finally, he said, “The goal is to get [an] individual to refer you as a candidate. You can apply or go an event, but spending a little investment time to cultivate the contacts will make a difference (I think) in the job search process.” Amen.