A Quick Note on Junior

I wasn’t going to weigh in on the failures of self-promoter and fool Ron Meyer Jr. because he’s not really worth it. But I couldn’t help but notice how the press secretary to American Majority Action (AMA) linked to a Roll Call story about the failed coup attempt against Speaker John Boehner and claimed he’d been “vindicated.”

Perhaps his girlfriend, the one he says in his Twitter bio he’d followed by “literally,” (by 10 paces?) read it to him and skipped this part:

“The called-off plot suggests Boehner’s opponents were more organized than previously thought, however loosely. Notably, the attempt was plotted independently from, and without the knowledge of, a public effort led by a young conservative activist and former GOP Rep. Jeff Landry…” (emphasis added…with glee)

So Ron is trying to say something he had nothing to do with AND no knowledge of is proof that the bullshit he spread all over the Internet was true. It wasn’t.

Junior believed a former member of Congress because he didn’t know any better. He didn’t know former members are even less relevant than they were when they were unknown members. And bitter irrelevant ones who lost their reelection are a dime a dozen.

For their next trick, Junior and his girlfriend will predict rain or snow…eventually. Regular soothsayers, these two kids.

I could make jokes about his douche beard or her vacant look. Or how she’s only on TV for the same reason Michelle Fields is ever on TV (hint: In spite of her doubtless Fredo-like protestations to the contrary, it ain’t “smaaats”), but I’d rather sit back and wait for their inevitable breakup and laugh then.

Mean? Sure. But any unaccomplished douchebag whose only known for screwing up, who calls himself and his girlfriend a “power couple” because they’ve been on TV, needs a dose of reality.

I look forward to returning to a time where I’ve never heard of either of them…like last week.