A Not So Good Review of Monocle’s First Year


Despite catching the design-y world by storm and providing some great content, Adam Greenfield‘s final verdict on the first year of Monocle isn’t so hot. His year-end review, which we found by way of Airbag, takes an incredibly detailed look at the magazine and the number of places it went wrong. Even if you’re the most impassioned Monocle reader out there, you’ll appreciate the amount of thought and dedication Greenfield poured into it. Heck, even if you’re Tyler Brûlé himself, or someone working at the magazine, it’s probably a valuable read, if just to get some incredible insight from your readership; not to mention the dozens of comments the post got largely agreeing with the assessment. Here’s kind of the general theme:

In a mere ten months and ten issues, Tyler Brûlé has, without question, succeeded in one of the most daunting tasks faced by contemporary enterprise, that of establishing a resonant brand ex nihilo. The trouble is that the brand he brought into being says all the wrong things about me and what I value.