A Meeting of the Greatest Logos in all of Europe


If you’re European (and you can figure out if you are or not if you just follow a simple process of going outside and looking to see if you see Europe and it looks really familiar), you might want to check out the European Logo Design Annual (Eulda). It’s a nifty, boxy award given to logo designers who have created something in the past year (up until Dec. 31, 2005). All the entries that make it through to the final competitions will be included in the organization’s annual publication and we’re sure there’s all kinds of presitge associated with winning and being presented a trophy (if anything, your mother will be proud). The thing that got us is the unique way this thing is being judged. A three-tier jury representing the designer, the client, and the public. Really interesting. Here’s from that section of the info:

The designer, client and consumer tiers of the jury will be provided respectively by PDA (the Pan-European Brand Design Association), Richmond Events (organisers of The Marketing Forum and other strategic business forums around the world) and Consumers International (the worldwide federation of consumer organizations).

Thanks to this new filter approach a first in the history of design competitions – the judging procedure will reflect the real world process that turns an idea into a successful logo:

– designers decide which logos to propose to their clients,

– the clients decide which of these to present to the public,

– but in the end it s the public that determines which brands are successful.

You still have time to submit your entry, so get on your European horse and get to it!