A Media Reliability Conundrum

Here’s a stumper. We all know that tabloids are not exactly the gold standard of journalistic reliability. And, let’s face it, neither are blogs. (For instance, Nikki Finke does not actually exist. I’ve made her up as a satire. Surprised anyone fell for it.)

So: Let’s say the National Enquirer runs photos which appear to show a movie star (for the sake of googling, let’s say Cameron Diaz Cameron Diaz Cameron Diaz) in an embrace with a producer of her reality show, and alleges that the two of them are involved. Let’s further stipulate that said reality tv producer denies it all on his personal blog.

I have very little kissing or kissing-related experience, but these photos indicate to me around a 63% chance of romantic embrace. But the question is really broader than that. Which do you distrust less: blog or tabloid?