A Look Inside Apple’s Internal Healthy Living Manual for Designers

After the great Home Depot hoax debacle from earlier this year, wherein we’re still removing the egg from our face and our cheeks are still slightly red, we’ve decided to approach this post very carefully. ZDNet‘s blog SEO Whistleblower blog has claimed that they’ve received a copy of the internal guide Apple passes out to its designers to promote healthy living. Included is everything from how to properly sit while working at your desk, how to exercise efficiently, and so on. All these instructions come packaged together in a very Apple-looking box designed by Carl Jeffers (you can see much more of it on his personal site as well). Being as we’re already models of health, we haven’t read through all of the many scanned pages the site has posted, but even if it is just a scam or simply a design mock-up to help show off in a portfolio, it’s nice to look at and seems to have some useful advice. And hey, fake or not, we’ve seen our fair share of designers who could do worse than heeding some of the advice therein.