A List Apart’s 33,000 Designer Strong Look at the Web


A List Apart and their conference, An Event Apart, have just released their Web Design Survey, which is burning up the web in certain communities that like that sort of thing. They hired two statisticians to help gather up the opinions of nearly 33,000 people who work on web design for a living, then make some sense of the larger picture based off the questions they asked them. What they’ve come up with, they’ve made available for download. If you’ve got some time this morning, spend some time with it. You won’t be sorry for a second. Here’s some:

Like many aspects of web design itself, our research process took the form of a dialog and included multiple stages of discovery. Preliminary findings answered some questions and raised others requiring additional study. The more we unearthed, the deeper we dug.

The attached report shares everything we learned. We offer it freely to this community that has given us so much. For the curious, we also provide an “anonymized” version of the raw data. It contains every answer to every question by every respondent, excluding only personal information — no names, just the facts. Crunch it yourself and tell us what you find.