A-Hoy Achen-Blog!

Fishbowl recently stumbled across what we believe is the first permanent blog from a Washington Postie: Columnist Joel Achenbach’s Achenblog.

Besides being a bit heavy on the strange name puns (in addition to Achenblog, there’s Achenchat), the blog deserves some applause for being relatively “real,” and offering some decent insight into how journalism is conducted in the District.

Here’s yesterday’s entry:

Aspiring journalists are always asking me, “How did you become such a famous writer, in addition to being a sparkling conversationalist and an extraordinarily manly man?” The first part is easy. Good writing comes from good reporting. And good reporting sometimes comes from standing around, waiting to get lucky. You want to put yourself in the position where luck will bump into you. The single best place to get lucky is in the halls of the Capitol. You will never get an appointment with a Senator, but on a good morning, hanging around, cooling your heels, you might bump into 10 of them, and they will usually let you tag along on the subway tram as they zip between the Capitol and the Senate office buildings. Sometimes you can follow them right into their inner sanctum. Once, during the Clinton impeachment, Orrin Hatch took me into his office and played some of the music he’d composed. He sang along, swaying back and forth. The things you discover from just standing around!

Joel’s blog reminds Fishbowl of another entry into the blogosphere by one of D.C.’s top reporters.

Are there any other D.C. media personality blogs out there we don’t know about? Drop us an email: garrett AT fishbowldc DOT com.