A How-To Guide For Seasonal Work

Looking to pick up some extra money around the holidays?

Most people grab an application from Target or Best Buy and hope to be hired manning a cashier or working the sales floor, but it’s not a bad idea to expand your search, the NYT says. Places that get busy around the holidays are movie theaters, catering companies, shipping companies, and the accounting departments of any major company.

If you can work daytime hours, a great tip per the NYT is to call former employers and mention that you can fill in for vacationing employees. (Though that may mean you get stuck working on Christmas/Hannukah/your holiday of choice. Them’s the breaks.)

And the usual job-search rules apply: be upbeat and enthusiastic, emphasize your qualifications, and don’t talk salary (or the employee discount) up front.

If you’re looking for a seasonal job that puts your media skills to work, assuming your company allows you, look for freelance work with any of the types of businesses mentioned above. Surely the swamped caterer would appreciate having an extra hand to run its e-mail list, for example.