A HOW Conference Mix-er


For all our scoffing, it seems THEhotel is THEplace to be for THEconference, namely Mix, topping THE64-floor tower. Last night we braved the ear-popping elevator ride for a well-worth it taste of Alain Ducasse in the desert.

The space-agey lounge has a huge outdoor deck where the Strip glitters below you like a hyperactive circuit board. Seated indoors, just inside a blown-glass teardrop chandelier (said to cost $500,000), Ann Willoughby sketched under the dinner table in her omnipresent journal (she’s speaking about journaling at HOW). Petrula Vrontikis, Stefan Bucher, Kelly Goto and Rockport editor Kristin Ellison bemoaned their worst conference speaking experiences (Ellison spilled water on her notes; Bucher’s fonts got corrupted, rendering a key phrase to read something like “ASSPOOP”).

Coca-Cola’s Moira Cullen breezed through in yet another glamorous shade of black. Jen Bilik chatted about the importance of writing and designing at the same time–she’s an especially talented writer who turns good words into cool stuff at her Venice, California shop Knock Knock. We also made great friends with the hilarious David Schimmel of And Partners who ordered two of the famous Ducasse desserts…and graciously shared.