A Hand Held Hell?

What’s going on today on Handheld-gate?

A FishbowlDC fan wrote in with details of a testy phone conversation (well, two, really since the first one ended in a slammed phone) between FOX News’ Brian Wilson and CNN’s Joe Johns that even included talk of…attorneys?

Recall that Johns used a camera (and the footage ultimately aired) inside the Capitol where cameras are not allowed.

Our hunches tell us that Johns wants to duke this one out with Sen. Ted Stevens and others who want to keep cameras out, while Wilson, chairman of the Capitol Hill Radio/ TV Correspondent’s Association, wants to assuage Stevens, et al first.

Hence the nasty phone call?

The issue isn’t cooling off. Roll Call today reports:

    “The latest tussle occurred Tuesday at the photo-op ceremony for the tax reconciliation bill. Stevens, in his role as President Pro Tem, was walking down the steps on the East Front of the Capitol with other House and Senate Republican leaders.

    Fox News producer Jim Mills, who has been extraordinarily vocal in support of Johns, yelled, “Sen. Stevens, there are TV cameras down here! Just be forewarned!”

    Nobody could hear Stevens’ response at that moment. But later, back in the gallery, Stevens was heard on tape saying to one of the other leaders, “Who was that smartass?”

When will a decision on cameras in the Capitol come down?