A Dramatic Exit at BNO

BNO – Breaking News Online – has almost two million Twitter followers. MSNBC was their first client last year.

But President and Founder Michael van Poppel writes staff press releases that sting even by Internet standards:

Mexico City bureau chief Rodrigo Javier no longer with BNO News

TILBURG, NETHERLANDS – December 15, 2010 – BNO News today announced the departure of Mexico City bureau chief Rodrigo Javier. The following is a brief statement from Michael van Poppel, President and Founder of BNO News:

“Last week, I informed Rodrigo Javier of my decision to end his employment with us because I believe it was no longer possible to continue our work together. Rodrigo has been working with us since nearly the beginning and it is unfortunate to see him go.

“However, I felt it was no longer possible to work together because of several trust issues. Rodrigo was paid a monthly salary along with extra expenses covered but, despite this, he continued to take decisions which I did not approve of and have hurt the company in the past. He was given severance pay to help with his debt, which originated from his personal decisions unrelated to BNO News.

“Rodrigo at first accepted this. Unfortunately, this morning, Rodrigo threatened to launch a smear campaign against BNO News and myself if I did not offer him back his job. I declined, and he has since began a campaign against BNO News. This however, is beyond our control and do not represent BNO News in any way.

“BNO News, however, has been making excellent progress in the past few months and is growing quickly. We are expecting to welcome new clients in the coming weeks and are currently planning to hire additional employees as the company continues to grow.”

For more information about BNO News, visit http://www.bnonews.com and http://wire.bnonews.com.