A Dictionary Bookmark

This is one of those goofy ideas that make you wonder why no one thought of it earlier.

That Company Called If, a UK based gift and novelty gadget maker, is now showing off a new dictionary bookmark. It comes with the well-known Collins English Dictionary, which has 38 thousand definitions. You cannot swap the dictionary, but then again I wouldn’t expect to be able to. The bookmark has a d-pad and enter key, as well as a full keyboard (in a non-standard arrangement of characters, of course).

This might not be very useful for Kindle, Nook, and owners of other premium eBook readers, but not and eReaders have a dictionary. This could be a useful addition to a budget eReader, and the size and shape should make it easy to keep it in a case next to the eReader.

You can buy this bookmark for around £20. But considering its disposable nature and the high probability that it will be lost, I’d say that it’s not cheap enough. I, for one, am prone to losing bookmarks in my paper books. $30 is a little much.