A complete guide to the Ken Auletta LAT piece

BaquetDean_L.jpgOver the past few years I’ve suffered from the mild Los Angeles life-style-impacting aliment known as New Yorker Subscription Drift. Which is to say that the magazine, which once arrived in my mailbox promptly on Monday, maybe Tuesday, now appears nonchalantly on Friday or Saturday. Fortunately, some brave soul has put scanned the new issue and put it online, so fellow NYSD sufferers can read the Big LAT Piece here.

People who have been following Carroll’s departure and Baquet’s ascension at the LAT won’t find any huge surprises in the piece, but Auletta fills in a lot of detail about the conflicts between Carroll and the Tribune Co. over budgets and cost-cutting, Baquet’s near-departure, Kinsley’s conflicts with Jeff Johnson (turns out he was hoping to spend more time in Seattle), and so on. Also, the Richard Posner-Bill Keller NYTBR tiff makes a surprise cameo.

So, bottom line: no big revelations, but a satisfying reading experience full of memorable moments. Also, a very funny cartoon in the middle (on p. 55).