A Client’s Guide to Madness

From Chris Glass, a bit of that “it’s funny because it’s true” in Ghisroy‘s “8 Ways to Drive a Graphic Designer Mad.” A clever piece poking fun of clients, it’s written from the client perspective, offering up such useful advice as “When you have to send a graphic designer a document, make sure it’s made with a program from Microsoft Office.” You surely won’t learn anything here, but you will enjoy the few moments it takes to read it before you have to go back to, you know, actually dealing with this stuff for a living. Here’s our favorite:

3 – More is Better

Let’s say you want a newsletter designed. Graphic designers will always try to leave white space everywhere. Large margins, the leading and kerning of text, etc. They will tell you that they do this because it’s easier to read, and leads to a more clean, professional look. But do not believe those lies. The reason they do this is to make the document bigger, with more pages, so that it costs you more at the print shop. Why do they do it? Because graphic designers hate you. They also eat babies. Uncooked, raw baby meat.