A Beautiful Mind Takes On Ben Bradlee

Check out the two page ad in today’s New York Times. The ad, purchased by Miller Reporting Company, Inc. (Paul Kuntzler, president), is addressed to the Post’s Donald E Graham and has something to do (we admit: we got bored with all the conspiracy theories) with this:

    In a very real sense, Lee Harvey Oswald was an American hero. At great personal danger to himself, Oswald entered into The Conspiracy in an effort to prevent President Kennedy’s murder. Jack Ruby who was a member of The Conspiracy then murdered him. Oswald was then made a villain and the self-serving and deceptive American news media has perpetuated this lie for now for more than 43 years.

    In Brothers, Benjamin Bradlee, Executive Editor of the Washington Post acknowledged to David Talbot that he didn’t do more to investigate the assassination because he was concerned that further reporting might harm his career.

In related news, Carl Bernstein is just Tupac Shakur in disguise.