9to5mac Speculates New TomTom GPS Will Work Fine with iPod touch: I Think They’re Right

One of the most interesting aspects of the soon-to-be-available ToMTom GPS system for the iPhone is not its turn-by-turn feature. The interesting thing about the TomTom for iPhone is that the iPhone is an accessory to the TomTom’s car kit that has its own GPS which should be superior to the iPhone’s GPS. And, unlike Apple’s Google Maps GPS enabled app, TomTom is providing their own maps stored on the iPhone itself. So, 3G is not necessary except, perhaps, for local traffic conditions data. So, 9to5mac.com speculates that…

Dirty Little Secret: TomTom car adapter “should” work with iPod Touch as well

Personally, I think the folks at 9to5Mac are right. This could give the already popular iPod touch a whole new customer base.