9rules Vs. Toyota (or “The Curse of the Logo Hybrid”)


The big story over the past couple of days, besides the release of that new Sony Bravia spot that you’ve probably been sent no fewer than four million times by now, is the theivery by Toyota of the 9rules logo. For a conference in Georgetown, the car company needed a logo that said “green” and “fresh and new,” so they, of course, hired someone who could make such a thing. Or, rather, just jumping onto 9rules, tracing their logo, flipping it, and all is finished. BusinessLogs, the people behind 9rules, came up with a great response to Toyota denying the theft by starting a contest:

To celebrate megacompany Toyota’s willingness to use the 9rules logo for whatever they want, I now invite all of you to join the Toyota Logo Mashup Challenge! Grab a gigantic version of the Toyota logo from over here, change it up in some small (but totally creative and original!) ways, and then post a link to your version in the comments. Each commenter on this thread who posts a link to their version of the Toyota logo will be automatically entered into the Toyota Logo Mashup Challenge! On October 19th a winner will be randomly selected and they’ll get a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate courtesy your neighborhood Toyota Dealer…. err…. courtesy my wallet!