9rules Round 5 Update

Couple months ago 9rules Network announced that they will open round 5 to enroll new members. October 24th was the day when 9rules opened 24h long submission round for people to submit their blogs and hope to get in to the movement.

Round 5 gave 9rules almost 1200 submissions and was the biggest round for network so far and I think this wasn’t coincidence. Below you can see a graph round submission numbers taken from 9rules official blog.

How you can understand it is a lot of job to deal with 1200 blogs and decide who will be next members of 9rules, but now finally there are first results. They are: Apogee Weblog, FilmTops, Folksonomy, London Theatre Blog, Microscopiq, My Recipe, Transformatum, Veronique Moisan. Congratulations and let’s wait for next announcements. I really hope that with help of this update 9rules will have more content which matters – good luck!
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