8 Million Kindles Sold in 2010?

Shortly after the iPad became available and happy with reading Kindle ebooks on an iPad or iPhone, I declared Amazon’s Kindle to be a niche ebook reader for serious (frequent) book readers. The Kindle was, after all, a relatively expensive ($259 at the time) single function device with a monochrome display. At the time I said that Amazon should lower the Kindle’s entry price to $100 to gain mass adoption. Amazon hasn’t gone that far. But, they did drop the 3G radio and price from their WiFi-only model to $139 in August. That, it turns out, was enough to rekindle (pun intended) interest by a lot of people including me (I bought one).

No one except people at Amazon knows exactly how many Kindle have been sold in 2010, but here are some estimates as reported by Businessweek and All Things Digital:

Amazon.com Kindle Sales Are Said to Exceed Estimates

Amazon’s Secret Kindle Sales: Eight Million in 2010?

Amazon wins, of course, no matter which device you use to read ebooks if you use their Kindle app and buy Kindle ebooks.