8 Million Android Phones Sold in 2009? Shouldn’t They Get Started Selling Soon?

I’m trying to figure out what the analysts quoted by Reuters…

Google’s Android seen gaining support

…and eWeek…

Google Android Will Grow 900 Percent in 2009, Analysts Say

…are looking at. While we’ve seen a couple of Android based phones mentioned as coming-soon from time to time, none of them has really generated much non-tech-geek excitement to justify predicting a 10-fold increase in Android phone sales to the point where 8 million will be sold in 2009. Assuming we see a couple of phones available by July by major carriers (T-Mobile USA is #4 in the U.S.), I’m guessing maybe 3 to 4 million Android units sold based on 2008 sales and street buzz (seeing actual G1 units in the wild as I wander around).

If 8 million Android based phones are to be sold in 2009, I think the manufacturers of these phones better get them out to the carriers and available for actual purchase soon (like by the end of June).