8 Gadgets That Are Mesmerizing the Crowds at CES This Year

The best toys at the Consumer Electronics Show are the ones that make you want to grab them, never put them down and never look away. Our devices have become extensions of ourselves—in the case of selfie sticks, literally. LG, Samsung, Sony and the rest of the giants in the industry are showing off technology that will deliver our entertainment, take over our homes and shape our digital lives. Here is a look at CES in Las Vegas from the showroom floor and the tech that has some of that "wow" factor.


Only for Music Snobs

The Sony Walkman ZX2 is drawing a ton of attention here, mostly for its $1,100 price tag. This music player is not for the average iPod user; it's for audiophiles who can tell the difference in sound. We tried it out, and unless you have a trained ear, you might want to stick with less-costly options. But this is still a beastly music device. It's relatively heavy and has 128 gigabytes of space—you can really feel the music.


Car of the Future


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The biggest automakers like BMW and Toyota are all showing off how they are transforming transportation—it's one of the bright spots of this year's electronics show. Mitsubishi is demonstrating its take on driving technology with a smart windshield display.


Kitchen Tablet

Sure it feels just like a Samsung Galaxy tablet, but this one is designed for the kitchen. Samsung calls it the Chef Collection Tablet, and it promises to be the cookbook of the future because it's dedicated to showing users how to cook with help from the biggest brands in the food world. The tablet comes with Samsung's connected Chef Collection kitchen appliances, which stand out at the show as innovative refrigerators and dishwashers.


Smart Advertising TV Technology

LG's Web OS 2.0 software is just one of the many platforms for digital television at CES. Samsung, Dish, Sony and the whole industry are trying to perfect the TV experience now that movies and shows come from so many places online: Hulu, Amazon, Netflix and Crackle, to name a few. The TV software of the future blends all those sources seamlessly and in Ultra High Definition. LG's Web TV software comes with space for advertisers, with sponsored ad units for drawing viewers, which is especially relevant for promoting movies, shows and channels.


Virtual Reality


Seer VR prototype

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This space is booming, and virtual reality headsets are everywhere at CES. You often run into startups roaming the halls, like this one named Seer, which let anyone passing by check out their new gear. Seer is a long shot with a Kickstarter campaign, because some of the biggest names in electronics are looking to dominate virtual reality: Samsung, Facebook and Google, to name a few.


How Much Thinner Can TVs Get?

Corning is doing ridiculous work with glass screens these days. The maker of Gorilla Glass is showing off its thinnest creation yet. This Ultra-High Definition screen is 70 inches, and thinner than an iPhone 5. Corning said some of its electronics clients, a list that includes just about every major company in the industry, are working on producing TVs with the latest screen technology.


Video From Above

This Polaroid-branded parachute camera shows just how obsessed we have become with picture taking. This year's CES is packed with cameras to capture every corner of the world—camera devices that go underwater, strap to our heads and attach to drones. Just strap on a paracute and start shooting.


Selfie Sticks

Of course, the ultimate camera acccessory is the selfie stick, and it's ubiquitous at CES. Selfie technology is taking great leaps this year, with accesory makers coming up with new ways for us to take pictures of ourselves from every angle. If you've ever wished for longer arms, you'll appreciate this.

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