8 Enlightening Digital Marketing Stats From the Past Week

Facebook's reaction buttons fall flat

The last several days were full of intriguing data points from the realm of digital marketing.

Here are eight numbers that caught our attention:

1. Mamma mia, Instagram!

Last week, we found out women love social media. This week, Instagram revealed that 93 percent of moms access its network at least once per week, with 68 percent doing so daily. What's more, more than half of mothers on Instagram follow businesses.

2. Facebook is still about likes

Unmetric, per The Social Times, looked at 10 of the top brand Facebook posts (based on the data vendor's proprietary engagement score) from Feb. 25 to March 5. The mission: to see how the social platform's new reaction buttons—such as Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry—are performing for marketers.

Its research entailed posts from Nissan, Mini Babybel, Bertolli, Windex, LG Mobile, Giorgio Armani Beauty, Arby's, Rebel's Market, LittleThings.com and US Cellular.

The stats show that 93 percent of all interactions are still Likes, while Love is used 4.6 percent of the time.

3. Livestreaming comes of age

Periscope celebrated its 1-year birthday by revealing that it broadcasted 200 million livestreams, and that 100 million of those real-time videos were made in the last three months. 

4. Bedside buttons 

On Thursday, Amazon said orders via its Dash buttons have increased 75 percent in the last three months. By pressing the Wi-Fi-enabled buttons, Amazon Prime members can quickly order household goods for home delivery. 

The Seattle-based e-retail giant released buttons for 78 brands Thursday, including Red Bull, Energizer, Illy Coffee, L'Oréal Paris Revitalift, Slim Jim, Clorox and Trojan, the condom company.

So now folks don't have to stand in line at the grocery store to buy rubbers—they can do it without getting out of bed.  

5. Official global hashtags

Trademarks specialty company Thomson CompuMark says that in the last five years 2,898 applications have been filed globally to trademark hashtags. And last year alone, 1,398 applications were filed worldwide to trademark hashtags.

6. The real social happens @work

The influencer marketing player Experticity, buzz-focused company Keller Fay and University of Pennsylvania Wharton School professor Jonah Berger teamed up to run a survey to suss out the volume and impact of recommendations from the average consumer versus an influencer. The study, which polled more than 6,000 people in the U.S., unearthed this interesting tidbit: 53 percent of influencers' recommendations happen while they are at work, compared to 19 percent of the general population's product suggestions.

7. Is there a delivery bubble?

Last week, DoorDash announced it had raised $127 million in Series B funding led by Sequoia Capital, with Khosla Ventures and Charles River Ventures also participating. A report from The Wall Street Journal referred to the development as a "down round" that was a struggle to accomplish.

With DoorDash competitors like Postmates, Instacart and Favor also vying for investors' and consumers' dollars, one must wonder if there is a delivery startup bubble afoot. 

8. What marketers think about

A study from Epsilon last week showed that millennials are receptive to emails from retailers like never before. The stat below from Salesforce shows that marketers already knew that.


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