75% Of Mobile Video Ads Happen In-App

Study also finds that shorter, non-skippable spots excel

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The Mobile Marketing Association is releasing its first benchmark-styled study for video ads, finding that 75 percent of spots served to on-the-go consumers happen in mobile apps. The study consisted of 500 million impressions from data contributors Hulu, AdColony, Tremor Video, Brightcove, BrightRoll and Videology.

Other intriguing findings from the MMA's research:

  • Non-skippable 15-second-or-less ads garnered a completion rate of 92 percent compared to just 9 percent for spots that had the skip option.
  • Fifteen-to-30-second ads were completed at a 94 percent rate for non-skippable units, while 12 percent were completed when the spots could be bypassed.
  • For video ads more than 30 seconds long, the non-skippable unit produced a 96 percent completion rate compared to 14 percent for skippable spots.
  • Skippable ads represented 32 percent of all impressions.
  • Smartphone/tablet click-through rates for 15-to-30-second ads (1.8 percent) averaged highest, while 15-seconds-or-less (1.4 percent) followed closely with over 30 seconds coming in last (0.8 percent).
  • Apple's IOS system accounted for 80 percent of ad volume.
  • Smartphone-based video ads peak during primetime TV hours, with some 17 million impressions served nightly.
  • Excessive mobile video ad frequency dramatically hurts completion and click-through rates for brand advertisers. 

@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.