71% Of Amplicate Readers Love Their Nook, 29% Hate It

Readers have a love hate relationship with their Nook. According to a poll on Amplicate, a social network that measures consumer opinions, out of 784 Nook owners, 71% of respondents said they love their Nook and 29% of participants voted that they hate their Nook.

Here is what the lovers had to say. Amplicate User-252j3c commented: “Everything about it is pure joy! Vastly improves the reading experience (and I didn’t even know it needed improving).”

Haters had a different opinion. User-430xq9 wrote: “Nook is the most unreliable piece of technology I’ve ever seen. I bought the first one, had it for three months, and the screen froze. It froze while I was traveling, and you can’t take it back to a Barnes and Noble store (probably because they don’t want the Nook return line spilling out into the parking lot). I had to wait until I got home, then mail it back to Barnes and Noble, then wait for them to send me a replacement. I had the new one less than a month, and it suddenly developed lines all over the screen, making it impossible to read. Again, I was traveling, and again I had to carry around a useless brick until I got home. And they won’t let me return it for a refund.”

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