60 Minutes Discusses ‘Moving’ African-American Artifacts in DC

Nicole Young and Scott Pelley talk about some of their favorite and most interesting artifacts they encountered.

In their latest “Overtime” segment, 60 Minutes went to Washington to explore the National Museum of African American History and Culture — a project that is 80 years and $500 million in the making. Producer Nicole Young and correspondent Scott Pelley discussed some of the more fascinating artitfacts they came across at the museum, which is still under-construction.

“One of the ones that really stunned me was the KKK banner,” 60 Minutes producer Nicole Young. “To actually see a banner that was held at some point, high to intimidate and bring fear to people cause of the color of their skin..”

Among Pelley’s favorite artifacts was one that he had no idea existed: a miniature copy of the Emancipation Proclamation.

“Apparently, more than a million of these were printed and handed to Union soldiers so they could hand them to newly freed African-Americans in the South,” said Pelley. “Imagine that: a Union soldier sitting there, reading this thing to these slaves to tell them they’re going to be free.”

Watch 60 Minutes “Overtime” segment, courtesy of CBS News.