6 More P.R. Tips For Spreading Messages On Facebook

Here are some additional tips that public relations pros can use to spread their messages more effectively.

Our post “8 Essential Tricks for Publicists Using Facebook” drew several comments and even more recommendations from readers. We listened and thought we’d list these additional tips that public relations pros can use to spread their messages more effectively.

1. Post a note and tag it. This will put your message directly on each of your friends’ walls. You can only tag 30 people at a time, however. So limit your tagging to only those people who have a mutual interest in your announcement and those who are really friends, otherwise it will look like spam.

2. If you post multiple notes, make sure to delete all the posts but one from the news feed or you will look like a spammer when people sign in and see 15 identical notes from you on their wall.

3. Share a link on your wall and ask your friends to share and like it. It’s simple but effective. Reserve this tip for important news and announcements, otherwise you’ll be the publicist who cried wolf! It can produce powerful results.

4. Encouraging interaction with your posts — likes and comments — will make them more visible in other people’s news feeds. That’s how Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm works.

5. Facebook marketers suggest this idea: Keep AIDA in mind when posting to Facebook. That stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. Your job is to stimulate desire and arouse action. The formula for increasing interaction is to engage your audience using tactics such as contests, questions, interesting content and formulas.

6. For more ideas that small businesses and marketers can use to maximize their Facebook use, check out this post and this one. Each suggests ways to directly engage followers in one-on-one conversation, tips for creating a Facebook page over a profile, creating compelling contests and encouraging check-ins and posting cool status updates. All of this adds up to a formula for boosting your Facebook interactions.

Speaking of contests, the U.K. firm Punch Communications is asking the next generation of publicists to share their ideas on the future of P.R. If you’re a student studying the field, and are interested in becoming an intern with Punch, then share your ideas on how the P.R. field is evolving through Punch’s Facebook page or on Twitter using the hashtag #futurepr. Readers might also glean some new tips for using the social media platform.

P.R. pros, which tools do you use to boost Facebook engagement?