6 Million Users, 7,000 Pages Get Vanity URLs This Weekend

Now that the Facebook username landrush has come and gone, let’s take a look at the stats from the first weekend of Facebook username registration:

1. Nearly 6,000,000 usernames have been issued overall – just under 3% of Facebook’s overall userbase. In the 60 hours since the doors were opened, that works out to about 100,000 username registrations per hour. Facebook reported 500,000 usernames in the first 15 minutes and 3 million in the first 14 hours, so the overall username registration rate is decreasing as one would imagine.

2. Almost 7,000 Facebook Pages appear to have selected vanity URLs since Friday night. While Facebook did not break out this number, this is our unofficial estimate based on monitoring from PageData. If this number appears low, that’s likely because Facebook imposed some restrictions on vanity URLs for Pages to keep squatting under control: only Pages with over 1,000 fans on May 31 were eligible (it’s also possible that we’re missing some). It appears that Facebook’s overall plan worked – we have not seen widespread trademark squatting so far. Phase 2 of the Facebook URL landrush opens on June 28 when Facebook opens the doors to Pages with under 1,000 fans as well.