50 in 50, Celebrating Helvetica’s Birthday at the Design Museum


Just opened at the Design Museum in the UK, and helping to continue this recent craze, is the “50 Years of Helvetica” exhibit by Blanka and Candy, in collaboration with Veer. By this point, we all know about the ins and outs of the typeface, but it’s cool to see a collection of some of the best examples of its use. If you can’t make it over to London before September when the exhibit shuts its doors, PSFK pointed us over to Blanka’s site, which is selling prints of each of the 50 piece on display, giving you a great look at what’s there. Here’s a little from the Design Museum’s site about the exhibit itself:

The 50 exhibition, in the Design Museum Cafe, imagines the world from the perspective of Helvetica itself, highlighting events and inspirational things it has seen – and been influenced by – during its lifetime from the lunar moon landing to the first British nudist camp. For the exhibition, 50 leading designers and graphic artists from around the world have joined forces with Blanka and Candy to create a visual diary of 50 separate events from the last half century. The exhibition is a birthday party that pays homage to Helvetica’s massive influence on our visual culture.