Have You Accepted Twitter Yet? Here's 5 Steps.

How many of you have ever thought that Twitter was a pretty stupid tool (or still think this is the case)? And if you’ve finally come to accept Twitter as the useful branding tool that it could be, then you’ve probably gone through the following steps of Twitter Acceptance. Blogger Rohit Bhargava has finally come to love Twitter, and as a marketing and PR professional he’s also discovered all the great ways Twitter can be used for nearly every type of branding. Bhargava has even gone so far as to write the 5 Steps to Twitter Acceptance.

As if we needed additional proof that Twitter has established itself as a great tool for both entertainment and marketing purposes. Yes, Twitter is great for getting a message out to the masses that matter. And it can, in fact, be used for more than just writing updates about stuff you don’t care to blog about, as Bhargava used to do.

One of the most important take aways from Bhargava’s Steps to Twitter Acceptance is the evolution Bhargava noted, from thinking of Twitter as a fleeting update service to a powerful marketing tool that can help direct traffic and build up brands through the direct and community-driven interactions amongst Twitter users. It’s reflective of not only the evolution of Twitter users’ acceptance, but of Twitter itself. So what do you use Twitter for?