5 Popular, International "Daily Deals" Websites Still Not Owned by Groupon

Groupon has recently expanded into over 18 countries, buying the most popular clones there. There are, however, still more and more Groupon-type of sites internationally trying to catch up. Want to know who they are and how they compare to Groupon? Read on.

In evaluating how popular a particular site is for that country, I’ll be using Alexa.com rankings for a particular country (which are not perfectly accurate but give a very good idea at how popular a particular site is in a specific country, the higher the number is, the better). I’ll be also using Google Trends for Websites, a tool from Google that uses several factors to examine a popularity of a website in a specific region. Let’s get started, shall we?

China – Lashou.com


Lashou ranking in China – 115

Warning: I first thought to compare this site to Groupon.cn but I later realized Groupon.cn isn’t owned by Groupon, from here :

Update: Groupon CEO Andrew Mason points out Groupon.cn, another clone of Groupon. They go one step further than BigLion by just ripping off the name, too.

Google Trends for Websites:

There’s been some recent news on partnership between Lashou and Groupon. This is not an acquisition, however, it’s just Groupon purchasing a stake in the company.

In summary, Lashou is DOMINATING in China and there’s not a single competitor out there who’s close to it in terms of popularity.

Japan – Piku

Piku.jp vs. Groupon.jp (previously known as QPod):

Alexa (higher is better):

Piku ranking in Japan: 812

Groupon.jp ranking in Japan: 144

Google Trends for Websites:

Piku has a long way to go if they want to become more popular than Groupon. They’re already doing a great job at raising money, having raised several millions in order to grow their service. I wish Piku best of luck.

Spain – LetsBonus

LetsBonus vs. Groupon.es


Letsbonus ranking in Spain: 241

Groupon.es ranking in Brazil: 162

Google Trends for Websites:

It seems that Google Trends for websites gives a more accurate picture of what’s going on in the group buying market ins Spain. Letsbonus is in a very tight race with Groupon. Consider the fact Letsbonus currently supports only 14 cities while Groupon.es supports over 40. What would happen if Letsbonus does the same?

As we can see, Groupon (purchasing CityDeal) blows its main competitors out of the water in Northern and Western Europe (didn’t want to include in france and germany because the situation is even worse)

Russia – KupiKupon

KupiKupon.ru vs. Darberry.ru (owned by Groupon)


KupiKupon ranking in Russia: 162

Darberry ranking in Russia: 175

Google Trends for Websites:

There are 2 contradicting stats here. Alexa shows that it’s a tough competition between Kupikupon and Darberry while Google Trends shows Darberry clearly dominates. Still, they don’t have the same superiority like in the UK.

Brazil – PiexeUrbano

PiexeUrbano.com.br vs. Groupon.com.br


PiexeUrbano ranking in Brazil: 50

Groupon.com.br ranking in Brazil: 34

Groupon.com.br (formerly known as ClubeUrbano) is definitely more popular than PiexeUrbano whose job of catching up will be hard, but not impossible. Google Trends for Websites data was not available here for some reason, seems Google has a hard time measuring traffic in Brazil.

To summarize:

Groupon did a pretty good job in acquiring the most popular clones in almost every major country (except China).

The whole concept is very popular everywhere and I think we’re yet to see even more innovative concepts built on this one.