5 Names For Facebook… That Are Better Than Facebook

Facebook’s functionality evolves like a living organism with each passing year. The people that use its system are forced to rewire the way they interact with friends online as Facebook makes updates like the news feed and removal of notifications. With that in mind, users are also engaging in other activities on Facebook that are perhaps not what Mark Zuckerberg originally intended, and we brainstormed those activities to look at 5 names that could describe Facebook better than Facebook.

1) HotOrNot.com

The second you get the hang of Facebook and get more than 5 friends you realize that most of those friends just use the service to show off their photos on Facebook and get ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ from their friends. Soon after this, you do the same. It’s part of our nature to want to look good, and also part of a long genetic history for us to try to be the the more attractive being. So with that in mind, the world’s largest social network and photo sharing site, Facebook, is really the world’s biggest collection of “Am I Hot” photos and similar to the HotOrNot site? Of course, some people like to post photos for more fulfilling reason, but the practice is likely in decline on Facebook as worthwhile photos get passed over for new series of duckface photos.

2) ReceiveGameInvites.com

A good site name is, in part, measured by its ability to describe the site succinctly and accurately Well if Facebook wanted to change its name and reflect one of the activities that users will be doing most, they should name the site ReceiveGameInvites.com. A large part of your time on Facebook is spent rejecting extra cows in Farmville, new guns in Mafia Wars, special presents from Treasure Island and more. Certainly, this is something Facebook is attempting to address, and their removal of game invite notifications has actually helped me use the site better.

3) OnlinePartyPlanner.com

If you’ve ever waxed philosophical about the implications of social networks and questioned the usefulness of Facebook, you know that one of its key utilitarian benefits is its ability to quickly get your party organized. By properly leveraging the social graph and allowing users to create as many events as they want, Facebook is one of the easiest way to reach out to your friends and let them know about your party. The tool includes RSVP and allows you to post photos and videos to the event. It’s actually one of the most important elements of the site and any users that dreams of quitting will quickly find out that quitting Facebook means missing a bunch of party invites and opportunities.

4) EmailReplacement.com

Early lsat year there was a rumor that Facebook was going to introduce Facebook email addresses. That means that my account would map to an email address “neil.vidyarthi@facebook.com“. The rumor never panned out but the rumor got people thinking about how important the messaging is on this new social network. If you want to make sure a message gets to 10 of your medium strength friends, you can hope that email reaches them, or you can send a Facebook message (or wall post) and know that they received it. If you don’t get a response, you can post on their wall. It’s just a more reliable way to reach someone.

5) WhatAreYourFriendsThinking.com

When Twitter was gaining momentum in early 2009, there were analysts that derided the service for being all fluff. No real worthy content could be produced through these 140 character messages. They were wrong, and the service was used in an instrumental way in the Iranian protests later that year. With these glaring examples, Facebook took a cue and made some additions to their own status update, allowing friends to tag other friends in their status updates using the “@” key. So with that, we’ve seen an increase in the number of status updates, but also seen a different way in how they are used. Friends are no longer just passively updating their status with their every day activities; they now make sure to tag all their relevant friends and the status update appears on all tagged people’s profiles as well. A large part of a person’s time on Facebook is now about seeing what other people are thinking about… well, whatever they feel like.