Five Mobile Job Search Apps to Use

Hello, summer. Buh bye job search? Not quite.

As summer temps heat up it may be more tempting to be outdoors than networking or perched in front of your computer looking for a job. That doesn’t mean you have to ditch it altogether considering you’ll likely have your mobile device on you 24/7.

Well, according to Recruiter, 77 percent of job seeker use a mobile job search app. Here’s their recommended list of five apps to use on your smart phone.

1.  Monster Mobile App – This free app gives you the opportunity to browse through jobs and manage job alerts, save job searches and also apply directly from your mobile device.

2. LinkUp – Also free, this job search engine apparently has a sleek design. You can also set up job alerts or save jobs in your job basket on your Android, iPhone or iPad.

3. CareerBuilder Mobile App – Trending a pattern here, this free app lets job seekers enter specifics about the search itself such as a title and geographic location.

4. – The site,, also has a free app whereby users can search the gigantic database indexed by the site. And by that we mean they index jobs from company pages, recruiting firms and job boards, too.

5. Now Hiring – This 99 cent tool seems to do a lot of the work so you don’t have to. After answering a few questions about your search criteria, according to Recruiter, the app will do the rest of the searching for you. Plus, considering the app is frequently updated and removes jobs once they’ve been filled, you won’t be applying for jobs that are no longer valid.